The symbol of your association represented by the made to perfection badge
Since 1902, Picchiani e Barlacchi has been creating Badges and Brooches according to the tradition of Florence, the most famous city of art and culture in the world.

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We have dedicated more than a century to the manufacture of metal and to the minting of badges, trophies, artistic and commemorative medals, crests and many other products that have represented the Made in Italy excellence throughout the world.

320,000 MINTS

We boast a number of commissions in our archive from private individuals, from lay and religious associations, from companies and from important offices of the State.


Artists of international fame have designed for Picchiani e Barlacchi such as Pietro Annigoni, Mario Moschi, Laura Cretara, Onofrio Pepe, Sergio Benvenuti, Alberto Inglesi and many others.




Do you want to give an object that emphasises the spirit of belonging and which members of your organisation can wear with pride?

The badge and the brooch are small objects that embody great significance, as they are worn as a sign of prestigious recognition.

To create an object that reiterates the values of your association, your club or your organisation, Picchiani e Barlacchi puts at your disposal the mastery of many artists and sculptors and the heritage of the finest Florentine engravers, printers and artisans who for 110 years have shaped unique works.

Thanks to our experience you have the security of giving to others a precious item to wear with pride.

particolare della fase di incisione


What will they think of your organisation if the badge you choose to offer them is ugly and of poor quality?

The widespread use of substandard materials (such as plastic) and rough and ready processing conditions the final result that can in fact turn out to be quite mediocre, diminishing the image of the association you belong to as well as its authoritativeness.

Today, many organisations and companies prefer to save money by choosing poor quality badges with limited durability over time and the result is that very often these items remain unused or break after a few days.



To give members of your organisation an object that represents prestige and strengthens team spirit, opt for a beautiful and durable object.

Since 1902, Picchiani e Barlacchi has been creating unique products according to the family company tradition, guaranteeing an impeccable result that satisfies the highest of expectations.

The engravers, designers, printers, galvanic finishers and many other professionals unceasingly work the raw materials to represent the identity of your organisation and its authority.

venere di botticelli


Florence is the most famous city of art in the world, cradle of the Renaissance and still today a land rich in culture, tradition and craftsmanship.

Workers have always found fertile ground in this city to develop and promote excellence and professionalism and this was also the case for Picchiani e Barlacchi that since 1896 has continued its activity almost unaltered.

These have been our values since the official foundation of the company in 1902.

incisore picchiani e barlacchi

We believe in tradition, on which our company is based.

For this reason we are against any form of improvisation: our products are not pieces of metal, but immortal objects to preserve an important memory over time and as such they must be created to a professional standard.

punzone medaglia benetti di picchiani e barlacchi

We believe in Made in Italy, a precious resource of our country envied throughout the rest of the world.

We despise any attempt at imitation and any form of homologation that degrades the history of our country, the creative scope of our artists and craftsmen and the excellence of our products.

finitura galvanica picchiani e barlacchi

We firmly believe in quality.

This is why we avoid standardising and flattening our products, even when the operation would have an economic advantage. In no case do we cut corners on attention to detail or the perfection of the final product.

This is our philosophy; these are the values​that guide every stage of working of our products, from the conception of the design to the finishing and quality control.


Il metodo Picchiani e Barlacchi

bozza di disegno per una medaglia


Call us now to discuss your needs and to receive an artist’s drawing of your badge free of charge.

Our drawings are protected by copyright and you can only have them made through Picchiani e Barlacchi. We assure you that they will never be sold to third parties and will be for your exclusive use.
conii picchiani e barlacchi


Since the foundation of Picchiani e Barlacchi in 1902 more than 110 years have passed: over a century of culture and art embodied in artistic and commemorative medals, plaques, crests, trophies and many other objects that recall indelible events at local, national and international level.

From anniversaries to institutional occasions, from the celebration of corporate goals to sporting events and including news events: in the endless archive of our historical company with a strictly family tradition we recognise in metal the features that have marked the history of our country. Learn more about the medals and objects that have made the history of our country and about our own history.


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How long does it take to receive my badge?

The working process, from the design of the project to the casting and finishing, requires the respecting of precise times. This is not a standardised process, but a true work that requires the mastery and meticulous attention of each person involved.

Once the design is approved, it takes approximately 30 days of actual work to provide you with an excellent badge that represents 100% the prestige of your association.

How much can a badge cost?

How can I be sure of the end result?

Contact us now

Contact us now to discuss your needs and to receive an artist’s drawing of your medal for free.