Picchiani e Barlacchi

We shape metal since 1902

Since 1902 we have been the leading family-run company producing made to perfection medals and metal objects, according to Florentine artistic tradition.
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Le istituzioni che si sono affidate a noi

What it means to have an object designed by Picchiani e Barlacchi

Tradition, Made in Italy, Quality

Since the company’s official foundation in 1902, our origins, rooted in the Florentine cultural and artistic territory, have allowed us to continue the business, keeping it virtually unchanged for over a century.

We produce prestigious objects completely autonomously, without delegating any phase of the processing and without using foreign products of poor quality thereby developing and promoting the excellence of Made in Italy.

When we accept your project, we do not limit ourselves to merely shaping the metal, but we take care of every detail, giving life to an immortal object that reflects your value 100% and which is able to celebrate the importance of the occasion.

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Since the times of Ancient Rome, the medal has been the reward for a valiant action. By choosing the medal to celebrate your memory, you are drawing on the solidity of an ancient tradition that is typically made in Italy.

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Crest is the ideal gift for institutional meetings, a concrete symbol of the milestone achieved by the military body or by the institution it represents.

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The badge and the brooch are small objects that embody great significance, as they are worn as a sign of prestigious recognition.

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Honorary Decorations

A decoration is a prestigious recognition of merit or a symbol of the spirit of belonging to an organisation.

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The trophy is the symbol par excellence of business success and of a goal achieved by you or by your collaborators.

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The plaque is the ideal gift for institutional meetings, a concrete symbol of an event or of a meeting to remember.

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The details narrate your history and are a symbol of originality and refinement.
Even the smallest fashion accessories represent the elegance and personality of the wearer.

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Through a quality object, you can demonstrate to collaborators and customers your esteem for them as well as the prestige of the company.

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The history of Picchiani e Barlacchi

Since the foundation of Picchiani e Barlacchi in 1902 more than 110 years have passed: over a century of culture and art embodied in artistic and commemorative medals, plaques, crests, trophies and many other objects that recall indelible events at local, national and international level.

From anniversaries to institutional occasions, from the celebration of corporate goals to sporting events and including news events: in the endless archive of our historical company with a strictly family tradition we recognise in metal the features that have marked the history of our country. Learn more about the medals and objects that have made the history of our country and about our own history.

The Picchiani e Barlacchi method

The working of the objects according to the Picchiani e Barlacchi method requires several phases, including the design, the creation of the plaster model, the melting and finishing of the art model, the pantograph reduction, the production of the punch and mint, the moulding, galvanic finishing and the quality control.

Each phase is carefully monitored by our professionals, artisans and engravers who are responsible for retouching by hand possible machine inaccuracies to correct even the smallest detail within the various phases of the process.

Once the production process is complete, the pieces are checked one by one and selected so that the entire order is free from defects at the time of shipping or collection.

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